Profit Honesty is a digital community of high-quality products that represent great value for money. It promises to reward the businesses that join the community with greater customer trust and a higher likelihood of conversion.

And because it's a community, everyone will benefit from being together, since people will find yourproduct who might not otherwise have been looking!


Consumers want to know they are getting good value for money. We provide transparency in pricing through a number of digital products (infographics).

Our infographics can be trusted because they are verified by our accountants. This makes customers more likely to buy, which in turn gives you a competitive advantage. You will be valued for your open and ethical stance.



Our free online calculator enables you to easily check in advance how well your product(s) might score.

It will ask you a number of questions about your product and business, including:

  • How your product’s cost of goods sold break down across key cost categories (manufacture, transport etc.)
  • How well you manage your business costs month to month
  • Who your product’s top 3 competitors are


You then submit an application and provide proof (e.g. copies of supplier invoices and bank statements) through our secure portal.


Our independent accountants carefully check your documentation and provide their assessment. This should tally with your initial calculations!


We can then offer you three assets:

  • An infographic for use on your own website, as well as sites you might sell on such as Amazon, Etsy and EBay.
  • A listing on our own ProfitHonesty.com website that promotes your business with evidence of your score. It also provides links to where people can buy your product(s).
  • Regular social media posts on our platforms promoting your great value products.


Increased high
converting traffic

Significant advantage
over competitors

Build greater trust
with your customers

Who Are We ?

We are The Next Big Idea Ltd, a British company that sells branded goods of our own on Amazon and our websites. This means we understand the challenges of competing against bigger rivals.

Because we know our products represent great value, we are willing to be upfront with potential customers about where their money is going. And we feel other retailers in similar positions to ourselves will feel the same.